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May 3, 2015
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I have a 3 week old calf with the bottom jaw stolen from its mouth to its neck. I thought when I fed her yesterday maybe she got her head stuck in the gate and bruised it up but this morning it is more swollen. She acts like nothing is wrong. Eats great. Gave her some dex this morning to see if it helps. A little info on the calf. She is 7 weeks premature and I had to keep her in the house for 2 weeks being she couldn't breath in our humidity. She is outside now then developed weakness in her back legs like white muscle disease so treated with Bo Se. Then developed scours so I kept her on Resorb electrolytes for 3 days. She is back on milk replacer but is still scouring but not bad. All of this since last Monday. I'm starting to get very discouraged. I work on a large dairy 2000 cows milking and take care of the calves but have never seen this. I checked her eye lids to make sure she wasn't anemic and they looked good. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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