Swelling or lump under thoat of heifer

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Sep 13, 2004
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SE Central Texas
We bought 4 heifers and a young bull in Nov. 03. They are about 2 now. I recently noticed in one of the heifers that she has big lumps under each side of her thoat between her jaw bone and thoat. Like mumps on a person would swell.
I read of several diseases on line, but none fit her symtoms. She does not have any discharges or is off her feed. She acts normal and doesn't seem to be or act sick. She's been this way now a few weeks.
Any ideas?
I thought of that too, hope that is all it is. She is not tame enough to get too close to. We don't have a small holding pen as of yet. Thanks for your response, that was quick!
Is it one solid lump or swelling or is it two seperate swellings? We use to have some cattle that would get swellings under their chins on their throats this time of the year and it was some kind of worms. After we wormed them good it went away. Just a thought.
The swellilng is on both sides. I need to check into that as they haven't been wormed other than the cubes that have the dewormer in them, but they don't eat them well at all. I wonder if they would except the mineral block with dewormer in it better?
Thanks for your input :D
I don't know about the block, we have always used the pour on wormer that you pour down their backs.
That's interesting, I didn't know there was such a thing, my folks and Mother's folks had cattle and so I just do what they did. I need to check that out. We've just retired and only have about 10 cows for Ag exemption on 20 acres so we are just past the "hobby rancher stage".
I am very interested in learning anything new.
We had 2 "surprise calves in August. Our bull was only a year old when we got him. We had 2 grown cows and they both bingoed. Wasn't looking for anything until next spring. What a surprise that was, guess we got a good bull!!
Possibilities of warbles migrating. If that's the case, don't treat them for warbles now. Check with you vet to see when they are a problem in your area. Sorry, warbles are also known as cattle grubs, ox warbles, etc. The are the larvae form of the heel fly.

Thanks dun, I don't remember of hearing about "warbles" before. But will sure ask my vet about them. Sorry I seem so dumb, but guess I am!
cownana":w06wrmqz said:
Thanks dun, I don't remember of hearing about "warbles" before. But will sure ask my vet about them. Sorry I seem so dumb, but guess I am!

If you were dumb, you wouldn't be asking!
Could it possibly be goiter? (iodine deficency) some cows will refuse to eat enough salt to get the iodine they need so you may have to find a different supplement.

Thanks, fit2btied, for the encouragement. Just don't want to seem stupid, there is so much to learn.

Shelby, I must admit goiter did come to mind but I have a salt block in their feed trough and just assumed, I guess, that all of them used it. But that is a good suggestion. I need to watch her more, I mean with 10 cows, how hard could that be? ha

Ya'll have sure been helpful, thanks to all who responded. I'll sure let you know what I find out.

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