Swelling in Heifer

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I have a heifer that weighs about 550lbs that has a lot of loose skin under her lower jaw in conjunction with a swelled left front leg. The leg is swelled from the knee joint upward to the shoulder joint. She doesn't limp although the leg does seem to have a small amount of stiffness in it. I'm wondering if these 2 abnormalities are related? In the past I've had cattle that had swellings on their lower jaw which were easily cured by worming but I haven't had any that had this loose skin under the jaw. BTW her appetite seems normal and there are 3 other heifers with her all on the same feed--8 lbs corn/day topdressed with 3 lbs cottonseed meal and free choice hay with a mineral/protein block. I've been told that she may have gotten butted or stepped on causing her shoulder injury but I haven't had any comments on this excessively loose skin under her jaw. Opinions?
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