Sweet Potatoes

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J Baxter

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May 5, 2004
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E Central Arkansas
Has anyone ever tried feeding sweet potatoes to cattle? The turnip post made me think of this. I'll have several tons of sweet potatoes available for feed this fall and just don't know how bad the cows will bloat on them.

Don't know about sweet potatoes but feeding regular potatoes is what made JR Simplot rich. Since they are so high in moisture they can be fed up to 40 % of the ration. Ours love potatoes and would eat them before grain any day! I have never had or heard of bloat being a problem when feeding them. Some will gobble them so fast they choke, so if they have whole ones many of the big operations pour them out on a concrete slab then drive the tractor back and forth over them to mash them, then scoop up and put in the feeders. This has nothing to do with the question so I'll quit babbling. Sorry :oops:
D.R. Cattle":2oiqa08g said:
Throw some butter, garlic and sour cream into the mix?

No, no that goes ON the potatoes when you are eating the beef that was fattened on the other potatoes :lol:

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