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Mar 10, 2004
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Manitoba, Canada
I am looking for some information on Sussex cattle. I've heard they are a quick growing British Breed related to Shorthorns, South Devons and Red Polls. Do they do well in colder temperatures and is there anyone using them in crosses in a commercial herd?
The Sussex was developed in southeast England primarily a beef breed. Improvement of the breed did not begin until the late 18th century. The herdbook was established in 1874, and a polled section was added in 1979. It has since been exported to Southern Africa and other tropical regions of the world because the breed adapts well to hot climates and resists tick-borne disease.

Sussex cattle have dark red coats and white tail switches. In colder climated the winter coat of the breed is often curly. The average Sussex cow measures 135 cm at the withers, and weighs 585 kg. Bulls have an average height at the withers of 145 cm, and weigh 950 kg.

This information is from
Oklahoma State University

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