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Jan 31, 2004
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South La
After reading all the posts about our support for our Heros fight ing the War on Terror, I am wondering how many of you would be willing to make a small contribution to have some goodies sent to our men and women fighting this war for us.
I know a lady in Mo. that makes and sells some of the best Pecan-Chocolate Chip cookies that I have ever eaten. I have ordered several dozen from her already just recently.
If there is enough interest from this boards participants, we could make some arrangements with her to have some shipped to some of our Soldiers.
Maybe someone who has family fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan could help coordinate it and give her some names and addresses to ship to.
I know that she accepts PayPal.
Any one that is interested in doing this could send me a PM or reply here.
How about it?
I know our Heros would appreciate it.
Another method to show our troups support, for those who pratice woodworking as a hobby, check out
la4angus count me in for 20 bucks . I think it is a good idea . Post the mailing addresse or pm me
I think this is a great idea. While my soldier was over in the Baalkins quelling riots and gathering intel, I was put in touch with an Aggie CPT with the 1st Cav who's hanger burned down in November just prior to Thanksgiving. He had forwarded a request to the Former Student Association and I in turn forwarded it out to the Aggie e-mail alias at my job. It resulted in many boxes of goodies that he distributed to his troops, and to another unit who's hangar burned down a few weeks later. He and his troops were due home in April and he had forwarded his replacement's e-mail out to his distribution list of those who had supported him and his troops during their time of need, but as we all know, the 1st Cav has had their tour extended over there. The request they made in March was for any powdered drink mixes, deoderant (as antiperspirant is a lost cause), those cooling neckerchiefs, bug spray and sunscreen. Bottom line being is that these guys have turned into a great distribution point for anyone wanting to support troops over there as they willingly forward items on to other units. Let me know if you would like their addresses for mailing. Apparently you have to send stuff directly to a named soldier as the military is not delivering anything addressed to "Any Serviceman" anymore. Being good Texas boys, I'm sure they would love a little taste of home!