Supper time buddy.

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I know that look. Lol. I have to be careful with Bailey because I have to keep her weight down but she always gets a little something, including brisket and ribeyes. People say,"your dog eats better than most people." Yeah well I like my dog better than most people…


It is funny how all animals react to food. I read where eating is a social thing mentally for all species of animals. Even if we show up at someone'e house and they have a big bowl of hot Rotel and chips, we want to dive in too. We may not even be hungry, but to get a bite is just programmed in us all. Just talking about a big bowl of hot dip makes me crave it now. Ha-ha!!

If I eat, my dogs eat. They are family and know they will get a few big bites of it too in their bowl.
Even when I go out to feed cows and horses, they all start licking their lips before I get to the trough with their feed. And if I were to be eating something in front of Joe, the horse, he is going to insist on getting part of that too. I love these animals!!
Studies have shown that people eat more food in crowded restaurants. Chickens also eat more feed among other chickens. We never feed our German Shepherd from the table, don't want to cause begging. But she hangs back and away from the table because sometimes, someone throws a bone over their shoulder like banquet diners in a Medieval castle.

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