Suggestions on Angus bull to use ?

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I'll buy all the CC7 semen you want to sell!! For the heifer, if you have heifer sexed Bismarck semen that's what I would use. Knowing my heifer is having a heifer as her first calf just makes all of life simpler for me. And he's a good bull on top of that.
CC7 was a great bull. He did add frame. He also would sire the most gentle and docile calves. You could breed him to a Water Buffalo and have a child show their calf.
I have a Marcys Scale Crusher Heifer x Resource and 1808. AAA# 20509503. Any suggestions on a bull? I have Rainfall , Confidence Plus , EXt, Right Time , OCC Juneau , Bismarck sexed , Hoover Dam and a few others in my tank. I am also open to buying a straws. Thanks
Interested in what sire you went with? Not seeing your heifer or knowing you're goals hard too give good advice on what you should use. Some of the Growth Fund genetics have worked well here. We are using a Connealy Confidence son as walking sire on them. Will use Jet Black and Musgrave Exciusive as AI sires on them. After seeing Charlo progeny and Raindance progeny and their bad docility I'm limiting my use of anything with Charlo in the background. With that being said we have a Bloodline heifer that is ok.

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