Sugar Anne Peas

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Jul 17, 2006
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South Georgia
Ever planted them? They are a cross between english peas and snow peas. We picked and cooked some yesterday. Put them in a plastic bag with a little butter and nuked them for a few minutes. DELICIOUS!
Sounds goooood. I love fresh peas...too bad I won't be getting any for 6 or 7 months :x enjoy them! Where did you get the seed? I haven't heard of the variety.
I bought them from my seed dealer. I had never heard of them either. Told her I wanted something to plant after I took the fall garden off and she suggested english peas. I don't care to pick them so I asked her about snow peas. She then suggested these since they are a cross between a snow pea and an english pea. They are delicious and I think they are probably the sweetest pea I've ever eaten. We've had them every night. Just put them in a casserole dish with a little water butter and salt and nuke them for 5 minutes. I highly recommend this pea.
I found them in my two main seed catalogs.
They are listed under Sugar Snap Peas
60 Days
Earliest and Shortest snap pea. 18" vine. Can be shelled.
I have some credit, I might have to add them to my order.
You won't be sorry. I love to make stir fry but don't like to pay the price for snow peas. These things are close enough to the snow pea for me and I think they are better. I've given away a bunch of them and everyone is pleased and like me - none have ever heard of them.

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