Sudan vs alfalfa

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Aug 29, 2005
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Trying to see what option would be better alfalfa or Sudan? Looking for good hay plus plenty of quantity. Have about 10 acres that will be net wrapped and a few square bales. Anybody that has done both or either feel free to give feed back.
Alfalfa will be better quality, and is a perennial. Sudan will have better yield, and is an annual. For small square bales, alfalfa is definitely the better choice.
Agree on Alfalfa in squares vs Sudan, not counting the N benefits of the A. that are free. Big time event in my operation....fert. cost. And as others said, what is being fed with the crop? Ruminants on S. is ok but A. anybody can eat it.
Would be feeding the hay to beef cows and a few nurse cows. Would most likely roll pretty much all of it.
SS is perfect for that as they like it but lack the freebies obtained with a legume. You Alfalfa guys that responded, can you feed Alfalfa straight up in a roll, free choice....aka too hot?

Course, trin, you could sew both. I'm going to do that as soon as some rain is on the way here. Have Austrian Winter Peas and Jumbo Rye that I am going to drill for a spring crop.

On yield, I plant "Gotcha Plus" SS hybrid and I'd show you a picture of my 2014 crop where the field stayed wet longer than I wanted and it grew up over the cab in my tractor but no boots, no heads, small stems and super yield. Not sure I want to go the route available here for posting.

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