Stuck hydraulic valve

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Jan 10, 2005
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I was bushogging today on my kubota m9540. Every now and then I noticed my bushog was in the up position but I kept thinking that I was just forgetting to lower it back down after I raised it up to cross a ditch or something. Anyway I started to loose power and then I smelled smoke. When I got off to investigate I discovered that my valve was sticking in the open position causing the bushog to lift on its own and overheating the pump. Two questions: Why did I loose power and any suggestions on fixing the valve?
The losing power was because the Hyd system was working all the time against a closed cylinder and caused the over heating
as for fixing the valve I would reccomend dismantling it and cleaning and repairing any worn or broken parts and then you also need to change the filters and hyd fluid and then do it again in 10-20 hrs of service if the system isn't designed where you can flush it out

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