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Ripper is a little too round in his muscle pattern for me and his SC and PAP EPDs are really concerning. DOC looks to be an issue as well. Would want to see some progeny before considering.
I disagree, but I have the benefit of looking at him when ever I want. from behind and over his top he is the squarest angus bull I have found. He could definitely be too extreme in his muscle expression for some angus people but I like expression. He's definitely not a big bull by any means and he will moderate your females.
Docility isn't an issue in any daughters or sons. They've been extremely quiet for us. Will be lots of progeny of various ages state side to look at in the next 12 months.
He was pap tested last spring (7 years old) at 7000ft and scored 48 (use that number for what you want I'm not sure if that's a good or bad)

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