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Mar 4, 2004
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I just bought a String Wing, 5' wick. I have a bunch of buttercup coming up in the field where I winter the cows.

I realize it's kind of late, but I have a lot of clover under it. Makes me angry thinking about it getting all the moisture and nutrients out of the ground. :mad:

I have Roundup, 2-4-d, Grazon P+D or Remedy. Owner of the farm store where I got said I might try Paraquat.

Is it correct to mix it at a 50-50 ratio?
I have a "toy" disc that used to belong to a neighbor when he had a small Kubota tractor, disc and blade. Completely worthless, so I took everything off and going to mount the wick to the three point hitch so I don't drive through the herbicide and track it on the good grass.
Any suggestions???

Also how does the Grazon P+D stop germination of weed seeds?

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