strange malady in my cattle

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I have lost several cows over the last few weeks with puzzling symptoms. I believe they have some loose stools but not actual diarhea. They begin to look poorly, but are walking around one day, down the next, and die by the next. They appear to have some bleeding from the rectum.

I have raised all these cattle on my place, and fed them farm raised hay, and mineral blocks and worming blocks. This does not affect just one age group, but yearlings to oldsters. My neighbor down the road has lost three or 4 with the same symptoms.

What does this sound like to you experienced farmers? I do not have my cattle penned to allow the vet to handle them, so I am at a definite disadvantate.

I would appreciate any information on this and would allow direct email to my email address. [email protected]
A good large animal vet can perform a post-mortem exam and determine cause of death. The cost of the exam will be small compared to the value of additional lost animals. Good luck.
this is what can happen when you dont get your cattle up at least once a year and vacsanat properly.~~~~~~~~~~Tc
Borrow portable panels if you have to! How many more can you afford to lose before you get a vet's opinion? It's hard to diagnose something like this on a message board.. get a vet!

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