strange birthmark?

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I have a 3 month old bull calf that has a 0 on its side. Like it fell onto a freeze brand #. It has been there since birth. It is a black angus calf with a very light tan mark almost 5" across. Very nice looking bull, other than the mini crop circle...any ideas?
I think the neighbor has your old cow too :lol: , he bought some broken mouths last year and has one with a 0 on her brisket! He told me someone must have branded her like that, then I shopwed him my bull calf and he said..."huh?" :?:
I have no answers, but I have an 8 year old Angus with the 0 mark on her upper neck. No idea how it got there, just assumed someone branded her. She has had twins the past three years, and they don't ever have the "beauty mark"???
On Holsteins old time dairyman call it a milk ring. Supposedly they're heavier milkers.

We have a small angus herd here in Australia. About three years ago one of our females produced a bull calf with a ring of white hair on rump that sounds like you have on your calf. She has had another three calves none of whom have this white hair birthmark (only hair coloured, skin underneath still black). Two of her other calves have had light tan tail hair right at end of tail.
Okay....I have one with a "Crop circle birthmark" too. It is on a black angus 7 year old cow. About 6-7" across, below her left ear on her neck area. I too thought someone branded her. I have had 4 calves out of her, none with the mark. But last year I had a bull calf from a different cow with the mark on ite upper right side. What is going on with these "0"'s? One heck of a qoinsidence.(sp)! Anyone else with a different birthmark? perhapse a 7?

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