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Mar 29, 2017
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East Texas
I always seem to have funny/interesting events happen in my life. Everyone I tell always gets a kick out of them and the sad thing is I dont make these up. I need to start wearing a camera to record these. Thought i would share a event that happened when trail riding over the summer.

We were just getting starting on our trail ride and I was home from college so I went with a group of ladies to trail ride and so there was myself and three other ladies. Well within the second mile we came across another group of riders about 30 yards in front of us coming in our direction.Well the other groups horse heard a noise in the woods and it spooked. (FYI the lady later said that horse was a very spooky horse.). Well when her horse spooked, it decided to go crazy and buck her off. Well when she got bucked off, she went left and the horse went right. At first everyone was confused on what just happened but got snapped back into reality when we heard screaming. The lady dislocated her knee and it was very visible. It was one of those injuries that you look at and you know its not going to be good. She happened to land in a bad spot halfway in a little creek to make it worse. We all got off and tried to figure how we could help. One of the ladies in our group help her leg up to keep pressure off and I called the property owner who was a friend to see if he could help out. After him showing up, we realized it was better to call EMS rather than load her up on a flatbed for a long bumpy ride back. Her husband showed up and the other lady in their group stayed behind to wait for the ambulance. At that point of being with them for a couple hours we left because there was nothing left for us to help out with.

All that said, kind of a crazy experience for my first trail ride. there are a lot of things I left out but it made me think about how fast things can go wrong. That was one of the more serious stories I have. Everything else is pretty entertaining

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