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D.R. Cattle":2onpa03s said:
A few prayers requested that my cows don't swim away this weekend.

You got 'em from here, D.R. Prayers for the people, too! Best of luck to all of you!
D.R. Cattle":282wcn5e said:
A few prayers requested that my cows don't swim away this weekend.

And that ours don't freeze. Lows in the 40s, highs in the 60s
Ya gotta be kidding

Don't expect any people damage. Storms aren't expected to be killers. But we've been getting pounded by rain for the last week. Ground is saturated now 6-12 inches of tropical water expected with some wind. That's enough to lay some good sized oaks down, flood my pastures all the way over and knock my power out for a while. Can't imagine what the Indians or the crews of Spanish Galleons on the coast must of thought a couple hundred years ago when a killer came through. The Palm Beach storm is the 1920's was said to have killed thousands because Lake Okeechobee surged over and drowned every man and cow in it's path. Then the bad boy of 1930's hit the Keys. They found people stuck in the tops of coconut palms drowned and the train on the overseas highway went for a swim. Seems like it would take a good bit of force to pick up a train and toss it about. Texans oughta know about the Galveston storm said to be the worst loss of life from a weather system in US history.
Just the rain was bad enough for us this spring....can't imagine what you guys are up against with 75 mph winds to boot!!! Good luck and keep us posted as long as you have electricity. Hopefully you have some high ground somewhere the cows can get in.
D.R. Cattle":1nzun07m said:
A few prayers requested that my cows don't swim away this weekend.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you and yours D.R.
Wishing the best for you Two hurricaines hitting on the same day could be disasterous.
We'll being hoping for the best. Being raised and living on a barrier island on the Texas Coast most of my life, I can certainly relate. We could have certainly had a visit from either of those storms had it not been for this "AMAZING COLD FRONT" that came through last night. It bounced to things your way.

Here it is the second week of July and I sit on my front porch this morning with a strong northeast wind blowing. I'll bet the temp was just below 70.

Some people are saying these northers this summer are late. I'm starting to wonder if we are being set up early for a chilly winter.
D.R. ,
The storms may not be bad on your side but on the west coast they're expecting Charly to make landfall with winds of 111-131 mph. The good thing is I get off duty at 0800 hrs and will head back to the middle of the state.

We had an inch and a half of rain and 70 mph horizontal winds yesterday afternoon with that "cold front". It's the craziest weather I've seen! Had to put on long sleeves this morning to feed cows.. in AUGUST!

Hubby is predicting a rainy cold winter.. I sure hope he's wrong!
Yep, I took a vacation. Last Monday I am laying on the beach at Destin, Florida. Working on my redneck tan. Listening to the soft lapping waves, and dreaming of the fish I would catch the following morning. Alas the weather update, hmmmm this aint good. Fast forward, its Thursday night in Texas and I am typing on the puter thinking about all the work I can do with extra time off from the regular job...Lol, see what happens when a redneck tries to take a vacation.... Florida you will be in my prayers as you have had a lota rain before I left.
DR with you in thought and prayer we can certainly relate to the Cains on the Texas coast. Last time I seen cold fronts like this was in August 73, got two big snows and a Hurricane the next summer .
D.R. and Chris, the news this morning sure doesn't sound very good. In fact, it sounds pretty damm bad. Our prayers are with all of you. Let us know something when you can.
Boy I can relate have been through a Cat 4 and 3. The typhoid shots, boiling drinking water, looting. Two to three familes per house until repairs could be made,after our last one had 23 people living with us. Remeber Dad and the other men killing rattlesnakes by the bushel baskets, they were everywhere. And most of all destruction unimaginable unless you have lived through one.

Our Prayers and Thoughts are With You
I for one know the nightmare your living.
Well, we lived through it. We had approx. 115 mph winds and were just about 5 miles from the eye. Don't want to go through that again. House sustained only minimal damage but just about all of the oaks in the yard are down. Will be w/o power for approx. a week.

The funny thing is that my wife's family loaded up their trucks and came to our house because it was supposed to hit the coast where they were. So much for luck :) Will try to post pics when I get a chance.

ffscj":3dsoy2d7 said:
Well, we lived through it.

That's the important thing, Chris! Glad to hear about your minimal damage, too. Sounds like it could have been a whole lot worse!
Texan":2ooe01jt said:
ffscj":2ooe01jt said:
Well, we lived through it.

That's the important thing, Chris! Glad to hear about your minimal damage, too. Sounds like it could have been a whole lot worse!

I agree that its the important part.

While driving to the coast today, since I have to be on duty tomorrow, I have seen a whole lot of people who were not as lucky.

They are not letting anyone into the town that I normally do all my business (Arcadia) because of the extensive damage. I heard the feed store where I buy everything suffered alot of damage. The new convention center was being used as an evacuation center with approx. 1400 people and the roof came off. They moved them to the high school and then the roof came there too. Fortunately there were only minor injuries there. There were alot of people who had come from other places because it was believed that the coast was going to be hit.

The damage all along the hurricane's path is just unbelievable. Its going to take some of these people and businesses years to recover.

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