Stock Rate in South West Oklahoma

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Aug 11, 2008
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Denton, TX

Just wondering if any of you guys and gals know what the average stock rate is in around Waurika, Ryan Oklahoma

I know this is such a braud question as there are so many different factors but just trying to get a bit of an idea as to what the stocking rate is like in and around those areas.

Thank you!
What kind of grass do you have? We're not far from Waurika and the recommendation is about 8 acres per animal unit on good native grass. With the droughts, etc., we figure 12 acres. You probably should contact the Extension Agent in Waurika for recommendations in your area. Or he may be familiar with the land specifically.
Thank you Frankie

Your answer is much appreciated!

You were right in saying native grass because that is what is on it, 50 acres was in wheat about 5 years ago and the owner hasn't turned it over since so it's reverted back to wild native grass, it has a nice pond and a good pipe corral set up and the acreage is nice and level, I was wondering how much the stock rate would increase if I purchased this place and re-seeded with a quality seed and fertilized it, would the stock rate increase a great deal because averaging 12-13 cow calf units on 100 acres of native grass, I guess I'm dreaming thinking I would be able to run 25-28 head.....but thank you for your prompt response as it is much appreciated, I'll just have to find a bigger place :)

Thank you!
If you could find some land on the red river you would do better with your stocking rate,but you'll need to hit it with alot of nitrogen.I have found that the bottom land while more per acre is cheaper per cow unit.I like native pasture as I think our cattle do better on it,but it's even harder to pencil out.

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