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Mar 16, 2017
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I've just sent off an offer to lease a little bit of land so I can give cattle a try.
89 acres in NW Louisiana.

My mind has been running wild the past week planning for the possible lease.
So much so that yesterday I started to pull back and reconsider what I'm getting myself into.
Here's your chance to tell me I'm crazy.
Hey Crazy... ya really missed your opportunity to get your head handed to ya by getting in at the peak a couple
years ago. Now ya just might accidentally make some money. Sorry for the good news.
You're :welcome:
Yep, You're crazy. They can be addicting. Help relieve tension some or give some to worry about. But as butch said you can get in cheaper and maybe have a chance to make a little money. :welcome:
I'd say go for it. You're about to do exactly what I have been doing. I started out with 7 head for .69 cents a pound. Ran them on 18 acres of lease land for a few years. Then came upon a widow lady with a 100 acres and only 3 head of cattle. Her husband had built great working facilities and fencing on the property. She just wanted me to take care of hers, run mine there for a half side of beef a year for rent. It has worked out really well for both of us. Good luck to you
I started with a tractor. I provided hay and all the Labor in exchange for the heifers and I retain what I want of them and keep them on the place. Lots of small farms vacant in my area I just can't get many land owners to lease, the ones who are willing it wouldn't be worth it small acres and in poor shape. Now is the time to get in I think but I'm usually wrong
Sorry for my absence! So its settled, I'm crazy, your crazy! We're in good company.
Went and bought an old Ford tractor anyways yesterday. My cousin let me use his beat to hell 8N last year to grade my back yard and I kinda got the bug. The crazy think is that I still don't know if its a Jubilee, 640 or 641. Once I know for sure I'll get a rotary cutter. I'll call tomorrow about the lease. The family has to decide if they can lease what I want with all of the family.

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