Steers off Feed

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Just wondered if anyone could give us some advice on getting steers back on feed. We recently changed the ration and increased the protein from about 10% Protein to about 14%. The person who had originally calculated the ration, I am assuming calculated it wrong so I think we are back on track with it. When we changed it to the 14%, also added some vitamins, they started eating only about 1/3 of their usual feed/day that was 5 days ago and I thought they would eventually get back on their regular pounds/day. I pulled the feed for one feeding and still no luck. I just ordered the old ration to mix in with the new. Also, anyone who knows of a good "Gaining" ration to feed them it would be great to know. The current ration is cracked corn, oats, barley, beef pellets (40%Protein), molasses, sodium and yeast with a few vitamins thrown in. They are show steers and will be shown in September. Thanks a mill.
Just an idea - could the corn be bad or moldy in this batch? I have had mine turn away from some batches of cracked corn that I have bought.

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