Steer with Diarrhea. Help!

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Feb 28, 2007
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I have 15 cows of varrious ages ect. One is having diarrhea problems. He is a 15 month old Steer. It started about 2 weeks ago, and has not gotten better. I have checked stool samples and they were negative, and none of the other cows have a problem. The only thing I have changed is we are not using our own hay I ran out and am buying hay but it isnt bothering the other cows and where I am getting the hay feeds it to his own dairy herd. I am not giving grain because i didnt want to add to the diarrhea, but im thinking probios? What about unsoaked beet pulp to add fiber? or wheat middlings. I have them for fiber for my pigs....
Hmmm, first I would say yes to the probios. I don't know of any other feed that varies more in quality than hay, if all he is getting is hay and you switched from some grassy hay to dairy quality hay that could cause problems. I think I would start him on some grain, maybe something with some oats in it, but start slowly.


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