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Jan 12, 2009
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Erin and I'm seeking some advice on my pet steer. The background info: He's a Dexter yearling. He was purchased as a companion for our heiffer. The bloke who sold him to us said he'd had his horns scooped out and had been cut, however, he now has quite large horns and seems to have some personality issues.

We have a 25 year old Jersey cow who is yarded seperately from the younger two as she was chased around the paddock by the steer. When I say chased, he planted his head up her butt and ran and ran relentlessly until she fell - not so great for a cow of her advanced years. He's also tried it on the Heiffer, who on one occasion has also fallen. Tonight he jumped the fence for a repeat performance with the old cow.

I have never seen this behaviour before, having only ever had cows as pets, and I was wondering if perhaps it was that he hadn't been neutered properly... If anyone can shed some light on this issue it would be greatly apprieciated!

Obviously the person lied about the dehorning. Therefore you can assume he may had lied about the castration. A look between the legs may give the answer. I have seen steers act like bulls. I would separate them regardless. Feed him out and eat him.
Could be possibly just a "bully" thing, similar to the short man/banty rooster syndrome. Eat him, that will solve the problem
Agree with all of the above. Finish him out and eat him.
Once they get nasty like that there is no way to correct it.
I agree with the others too. Dont think I would even bother with feeding him out... just take him to the butcher.

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