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I want to thank everyone who took the time to reply and offer advice, I truly appreciate it.
I am going to be checking Craig's list for a used Priefert SO-4. If that doesn't work out will probably just get a new head gate to mount at the end of the alleyway ( that I have not built yet)
You might check here, too.

C&B Cattle Head Gates IN STOCK~
Text or Call 256-777-7137
Auto w/Neck Access Doors $850
Manual w/Neck Accesa Doors $1100
~Add Head Holder for $500 more
We can put these on a pallet and ship anywhere in the county. Very cheap shipping rates.
Text or call Chad at 256-777-7137 or call the office at 256-444-5070
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WI public auction {click here}
@GreyGus - Thought of you when I seen it. I realize Virginia is a long way from Wisconsin, so it may not be feasible. If the wife won't go get it, maybe @kenny thomas is going that way...
I like it,,, if you don't mind running buy and picking it up, and dropping it off in Virginia…..😀

Seriously, thanks for the link, makes me aware there are options other than just new retail.
these guys went to the sale barn this morning , Staunton , VA. Three #1 bulls, weight 1760 lbs.
We will see what they bring


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@GreyGus can you go to your name ... top right... down to account details and to locatuion and put in a general area... you will see that @kenny thomas has his area and I have mine in there... we also deal with the stockyard in Staunton, Va... as well as the ones in Harrisonburg...
one benefit of having only a few cows. They are basically grass feed, but even with good summer grass, I give them a little grain 2X a week. I keep a couple feed troughs in the pasture, that moves when the cows move. I drive the grain out to them in the Polaris side by side. I stay with them while they eat.
I can walk up and pet the cows and they will follow the Polaris anywhere on the farm.
The biig difference in the s01 and so 4 is the length and rear gate, as well as the cable pull on the so1 vs the handle on the so4. The 2 videos Brute posted shows the so1 with a manual only head gate but you can get either the manual or the manual/auto headgate and it will bolt right on to the so4. If you're a 1 man operation most of the time, that auto option comes in pretty handy. I think that combo is now called the so191, which means so1 chute with model 91auto/manual headgate.
I had the so1 with the model 91 head gate working sim/chars and beefmasters and had no trouble with it. Was a tight squeeze (no pun intended) on the char bull, but he fit ok.
(I used the chute so seldom that I eventually gave it to my nephew and I just used the 91 headgate mounted on a Priefert headgate stand and alleyway. It worked for me, but I wouldn't recommend it for a larger operation.)

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