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ok this might be a dumb question but here it goes .... im wanting to buy a couple, three four cows is there anyway to ai them so i dont need to buy a bull keep in mind my facilities are not the best just wondering if there is an easy way to do this or what is my best option also im thinking of buying young heifers around 500 lbs and raising them is this a good idea or not i just want to keep my cost down. thanks

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Heifers are probably not the best to start out with. why dont you just go buy some bred cows or 3n1s (thats a cow with a calf and is bred back) and you can sell the calves soon and have some on the way too. As far as AIing goes you can totally do that, you can take them to a large animal vet and he/she can do it for you or, facilities permitting, they can come and do it at your place. you will have to get some semen and get them (or someone) to keep it for you and probably will want to synchronize their cycles.
Jason if you can buy 5 year old cow from a private ranch( avoid the sale barns)is the best bet.. You will likely get better animals, although they will cost you more.750$ apice if breed maybe 50$ more.Depending on your location Brahma influnce ie. Brangus/Gerts might be good. You probly can lease a bull fo 250$ a season or share onr with someone else.ALF

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