Starting off with a Bang (pics added)

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Aug 24, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
For those of you who remember, we syncronized our heifers last spring. Gave them a shot of Estrumate and then kicked the bulls out 15 days later. They were due to start today, and we have been watching fairly closely for the last 10 days or so.

Well, the first one hit the ground about 5:00 this morning. -12 and quite windy when I found it at 7:00 am. I dragged it into the barn. Then went out to check again. One other heifer was acting pretty nervous so I put her in the barn as well, since I had to go to the auction mart to work this morning. Was gone for about 2 hours (big sale a whole 70 head)

When I got back at 1 pm, I could see one foot, so I left her for another 45 min (or so) what with having to put another heifer in the barn as well. Just got in from pulling her calf, it had a leg back. Completely folded under itself. She'd have had it herself otherwise.

Now, I'm waiting for calf #3, gotta let her settle down, since I've been in and out of the barn for the last hour or so, what with getting the supplies set up and pulling the calf.

Tag #'s on these 3 heifers are 154, 153 and 152, calved out in that order

Don't worry pictures will come, just haven't had a chance yet.
And, # 3 is on the ground all by herself. 3 nice heifer calfs, and 3 good mamas.

I am not expecting a lot of problems from our heifers, but you never know ;-)
Baby #1 (#154) about 12 hours old. Bouncing already.


Baby #2 (#153)About 5 hours old. This one had a leg back and I pulled.


Baby #3 (#152)About 4 hours old


Good day for you and your heifers. I hope they keep going that way. Always great to see a first calf heifer calve unassisted.
Thank you guys. I think we are going to be busy tonight, there are some pretty uncomfortable heifers out there. Of course, I think it is supposed to get fairly cold tonight and the wind is blowing too.

Jeanne, that little blaze face has just a touch of simmie in it. That sire always threw them small and then just watch them grow. Hated to part with him (well, at the time I didn't ;-) :mad: ), but we couldn't handle him anymore, he was too dangerous.

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