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I am looking to start a small cattle ranch. I would like to get suggestions on some good books that will provide the necessary information that a beginner should know.

I am looking specifically for a "complete program" that I can follow as far as purchasing feeder calves, vaccinations and health care, feeding, marketing and so forth.

Any input that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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One piece of advice that I will offer up front from someone in a similar position,is to make sure that you are financially ready to enter the business, especially with cattle and land prices today. I am not sure exactly which segment of the industry that you are interested in (cow/calf, feeders, stockers, seedstock, or a combination of these)but be aware that if you plan is to borrow money for a land purchase, you will need 25-33% down upfront and the loan rate will be higher than a home mortgage (rate 8-10%).

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I would be lost without having gotten "The Stockmans Handbook". It's about $100.00 but has everything you need to know. You can find everything on the net if you want to invest a little time.

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