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Jan 15, 2004
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China Spring, TX
Does anyone know who the "Star" brand belongs to. It is located on the left hip, and I have have seen it on quite a few Longhorns in different parts of Texas.
In California u can call the department of ag. They can tell you who a brand belongs to. We buy the updated brand book every few years, Maybe it is the same where you are. Give it a try.
We have an ear mark that has been registered to our family name since before I was born. My dad says the papers are in the county courthouse. We don't use the ear mark now and if we decided to, I would definately want to go look it up for myself before doing so to verify it's standing. (anything pre-computer era is hard to find!) Perhaps there are internet sites with ear mark and cattle brands you can peruse through. State by state, county by county?
Think there is a 7 star ranch near Terrell, Texas. Regarding brands as far as I know they are just listed at the court house in the county in which you live. And they have to be renewed every 10 years, probably the same for ear marks.
The "Star" brand that I am aware of is owned by Star Creek Ranch in Somerville, Texas.
Each county in Texas has there own registral for brands used in that counrt

Texas A&M has a hall of Brands in the department of animal science, you might be able to call the Texas Ag ext. and ask, but I bet ther are several counties in the state of Texas that have the star as a brand registered for that county

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