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Jul 10, 2007
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Finally, a discussion that is about issues and facts....not conspiracy theories! While we may disagree on many of your concerns, you make a thoughtful case without resorting to scare tactics. Dems and Repubs, left and right, we agree on about 90% of the issues, and even on the 10% it’s usually a matter of degree.
Take gun control. Very few would would think all guns should be illegal, but should everyone have a right to a bazooka or grenade launcher? It’s where you draw the line.
We need to get back to dealing with facts and not just calling each other names like Socialists or White supremicists.
Of course when talking about facts you conveniently skip the "fact" that they are already illegal!


May 22, 2017
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That line is most always crossed by a government practicing the Romanov theory of government. Shut up and do as your told. It fails every time when people can’t voice their concerns or distrust their government.

If cannons had been illegal Texans would have lost to Santa Anna. Matter of fact they were trying to confiscate them.
As usual the cannons weren’t the issue an oppressive government was.
Same war between the states. Slavery was an add on.

Lee VanRoss

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Apr 26, 2020
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Not to break anyone's bubble but slavery was very much an issue as far back as the Constitutional Convention if not before. The 13 States
(as in 13 countries) were in risk of fracture if they could not come to terms on several issues and not the least among these was the issue
of (free labor slavery) in the agricultural south. If memory serves South Carolina and The Virginia Commonwealth were the main proponents.
The compromise to gain a semblance of unity was to declare a slave as 1/2 half a person for the sake representation in the new Confederation
of States , this being prior to the Constitutional Convention. Without arguing the merits of the issue this may have resulted in a form of political
equalibrium until the northern states became industrialized to the point of having to pay labor vs the slave labor south .

As to the issue of citizens having the right to acquire or bear arms of equal lethality to those possessed by the government over them is no
less than a God given right. The Crown was perfectly OK with the colonials at Concord having a cannon and a store of arms until such time
as it was determined that we (patriots of the day) were no longer in the mood to suffer the paternalism and tresspasses of George's minions.
So out of Boston comes General Gates with his army in the dark of night and the rest is history. I would venture the Alamo is along these lines
as well. It is not the first time the powers that be have shot themselves in the foot for the purpose of curing the metaphorical ingrown toenail,,,,,,,

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