Stained Charolais?

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Our Charolais heifer is a little yellow-ish. How can we get her bright white again?

Are you washing her for showing? If so, I hear that Laundry Bluing works wonders on stains. And for what it's worth, babypowder after they're dry helps disguise stains and really whitens well.

Take care.
Thanks..yes, we will show her in the county fair in October, but don't want to let her become too discoloured before then. After coming out of the pasture, she is not as white as she once was. We are just looking for any advice on how to keep her as white as we can.
Use horse shampoo that's for white horses. It has bluing in it and does a good job.

We use a purple looking soap from TSC. It does very good on our Herefords faces, legs, & especially under belly. Don't get freaked out by it's color it doens't stay.
Ellie May

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