Squirrel Hunters

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Sounds like a money making proposition soon as Browning sends me a new shotgun this week. I own 5 BPS in assorted gauges and I have a 410 they can't fix eating them alive.
Been in the shop twice in the last month they are sending a new one UPS tomorrow.
It has me stumped as well I can see what it's doing throwing the incoming shell on top of the breech lock replaced the cartridge stops twice and it still does it. Timing is off somewhere it has to be the action bars causing the problems
When I was a kid, the ginseng buyer would also buy squirrel tails. If I remember right, he paid 10 cents.
We used this program in the early fifties I think. We didn't have reels early on, but would trade the lures for other terminal tackle. We also shipped ''furs'' by mail to F.C.Taylor fur company. Sometimes the post office did not have an easy job!
Dunno how anyone could make $$ at those prices. How much does each shell or bullet cost? Cheapest I've seen .22 is well over a nickel/round.
Who pays for shipping the tails to Mepps?

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