Spring 2009 Farm Auctions

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
Lots more auctions this year than last. Crop fever seems to be subsiding and $9.25/cwt. milk hurts.

There seems to be a lot of forage boxes, forage choppers, feed grinders, and round balers in particular. Obviously there are less folks that are willing to feed livestock.

Old tractors seem to be in the biggest demand. Either for restoration, or to put up a couple loads of wood every fall.
I've been to 4 or 5 in the past month or so. Same story at every sale, everyone you talk to claims they don't have any money and times are tight, but the equipment is bringing what it did last year or better. Just don't add up.
I had dinner with a neighbor last Sunday. I think he is pretty typical for an established operation - - made big $$$ off the dairy in 2007, still has money to spend, and thinking about some newer equipment.

The local Bank is tightening up a bit on what they will accept as collateral but they are still willing to loan.

The doomsters claim we are seeing a great recession market bounce right now, but most folks are in denial and don't realize how bad it will get...
I was at an equipment auction two weeks ago. They were selling used tools for more than you could buy them at the store. It was crazy. As the day wore on the fools ran out of money and there were some real bargains to be had near the end. I didn't buy what I wanted but I did buy some things for pennies on the dollar. I was pleased.