Sprigged T-85 this weekend

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Jun 5, 2005
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We hand sprigged 5 acres of t-85 this weekend. Sure wish we owned a sprigger or could have found someone that was willing to sprig it for us. The weather forecasted up to 6 inches of rain. So far....2 1/100ths on an inch. Just our luck. We do have a portable irragation system and did use it to help compact and wet the dirt after we disc in the sprigs, but were hoping that mother nature would help us out.

Now all we can do is pray for rain and a good stand. Otherwise, we have tossed out about $400 in sprigs and around a $75 in diesel that was used in preparing the soil and planting.
We killed the field last fall. Began working the field again in February. Green weeds were few and far between. We followed recommendations and haven't fertilize this field yet. If we can get a good stand, we will try to sprig 20 acres next year.

Do we need to weed kill again?
If you spray 2 pints of 24d on the dirt immediately behind your sprigging it will cause deformation in the root growth of some weeds. Especially texas millet. The texas millet will still get in your stand but it will not have a root system sufficient to pose much of a competition problem. You can actually just kick a texas millet plant and it will just come out of the ground. Its worth the extra money if you have any chance of having a millet problem.
Now that it's in the ground, I would leave it alone so it can root. You may get some unwanted plants coming up with it but you can treat those after your Tifton gets going. Hope you get that rain!!!

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