Spraying Wild Oats

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May 5, 2008
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I got a big problem in my one field, wild oats. 2 years ago we ran out of oat seed and had to use some oats out of one of my uncle's bins. Well the oats in this bin had wild oats mixed with it, really dumb move on my part. Last year the wild oat went nuts, the whole field was covered in it and to make matters worst, we got to seed oats again this year on it. Didn't buy enough wheat and can't get anymore. I was wondering if I could spray for wild oats in the spring before seeding? Also what is the best spray? Or is there a spray I can use to kill wild oats after I seeded the oats? Probably not, or atleast I never heard of such a spray. :help:
You can spray after green up with a complete burn down of round up. But there are no soil applied herbicides that would work in your case and the problem of using round up before planting is that you have to wait long enough for a good green up for the round up to work and that will be kind of late for oat plantings.
I don,t know what variety of oats you have either wild or what you plant, but it seems that if the planted oats were fertilized properly that they would overtake the wild oats. If the wild oats are that good at choking out the planted oats then maybe they arn't so bad. Are you planting the oats thick enough? There may be a problem with the seed as to the germination rate you are getting.
The oats we plant here will overtake and shade out anything else.
I'm no expert on oats but I am fairly certain that there is no herbicide that can be used to control wild oats in a tame oats crop other than using Roundup at green up as suggested earlier. What are you planning to do with the crop? Cut it for hay? If so I would cut it before the wild oats seeds out to keep from adding to the seedbank. It makes pretty good hay. I would seed barley or wheat or some other crop into that ground in future years because there are some good herbicides out there to control wild oats in those crops.
We are looking at combining the oats. We tried barley on this field and we didn't even make back what we had for seeding costs. I don't know why but this field hates barley even when fertilizer is added. :?

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