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greenwillowhereford II

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Dec 9, 2007
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Good Thanksgiving Day yesterday, but marred by the discovery that the horrible smell we have been smelling outside the last few days was coming from a dead cow next door. Found out they have left it lying buried in some hay for two weeks thus far! Their other cattle are feeding all around it. Skinny, non-muscled Brahma/Brangus influenced yearlings with a young bull that is noticable as such only by his pendulous sheath.

Called to complain last night. The dead one "belongs to a brother-in-law" who apparently won't do anything about it. (Not my brother-in-law, neighbor's)

I can not understand some people.
Is there a possibility of contacting officials on this?
I haven't had to deal with that out here. Most of the neighbors have sold out or just raise row crops.
They (sheriff) came out today and couldn't find it in the hay. They could smell it, thought it may have been moved this morning and the smell was lingering. To put things in perspective, this is not the back 40, but on 2 and 1/2 acres, with homes within a hundred yards on each side. Still smells some this evening. If not gone by tomorrow, I shall attempt to find it myself.
That is terrible herdsmanship and being a poor neighbor. Glad someone (you) is taking some initiative to do something about it!

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