Spoiled cows? well, they're comfy anyhow

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Dec 13, 2008
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Lillooet, BC, Canada
I was browsing youtube, and i think I have finally reached the end of the internet, since I have now seen it all.. waterbeds for cows.. I was torn between posting this in the coffee shop or here..

brings a new meaning to "creature comforts"..

I'm sure it does have it's merits though

Yes it does have merit. Cows are more comfortable and cleaner. Mosre milk and lessfoot and leg problems and less mastitis because it's a cleaner environment. Not all that new, been aorund even in this semi-backwards area for 10 years or so.
Yeah I have seen those...I can imagine they would be comfortable but they must be made out of some tough material to prevent holes and leaks!

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