Speed Brace or Wedge Loc diagonal brace assy

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
Have you used these for single wire partition fencing in an EQUIP cost share program?

My local NRCS technician will not accept them because "they look too light" and the brace is not 10' long. He showed me the spec for a wood diagonal brace - - which apparently is the same spec for one or four strands of wire.
I've used them for other applications. Pretty much a piece of crap that won;t hold up to much strain.
I have used them in locations that are too wet to put in wood posts. In the past I've just had 2 strands of wire and after maybe 6 years about half need to be fixed or replaced. This spring I welded 3 8 foot t-posts together for the vertical posts and 2 posts together for the horizontal brace and ran 4 strands of barbed wire off of them. Hopefully they will last a while.

They are easy and fast but they sure wouldn't be one of my top choices. I haven't tried them for diagonal braces just as H-braces.
To be fair, the ones that need to be fixed or replaced mentioned above are due to not having the t-posts set squarely. So if you do use them, make sure things are lined up so you don't have the brace post putting pressure on the wedge-loc but rather on the vertical post.

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