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Jul 5, 2012
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Copperas Cove Tx
I have a pond almost covered in lily pads, in the narrower parts completely choked off that I can't get my boat thru it with paddle or trolling motor. I need to cut a path thru it, so I can put my small spar tank in the boat and spray some them to keep part of the pond open..a little at a time. Depth is anywhere from 4' to 8' currently.
I just want to open some channels so I can get thru it easier to spray and because of some health issues, I need to stay out of the water and muck. I noticed that my trolling motor does a mediocre jup of cutting the stalks of the lilies where I can get thru and thought...........

I have a good, but old Stihl weed eater with a brush blade attachment. (I use the saw blade, not the 3 pointed blade)
Can I, without harm to the gear end, use it from the boat, drop the business end down in the water about 2 feet to cut the risers of the lily pads enough to get the boat thru it? Is that rotating mass going to cause a wreck when I hit the throttle of the weedeater engine?

(don't suggest airboat..don't have one and the pond just isn't big enough to put one in..don't have a gas engine outboard either and don't want to get one)
M-5":hs81styo said:

i seen a homemade version of on of these some years ago . It worked very well
Dang...$2700. I can buy lots of new weed eaters and EraserAQ for that. (Compared to mine, the guy in the video has no aquatic weeds)

In spite of my years in USN, I'm not really a boat person. Do weed guards work very good on trolling motors? I have a lot of thick grass as well as the lilies. Mine doesn't have a weedguard..a yard sale cheapie Minn Kota.
Thanks, I'll try the weedeater. I can't see me repeatedly throwing an 8 lb cutter and pulling it back "in short jerky motions" down nearly 1000' of channel.
Take a couple of u - bolts and build a bracket and drive around. Trolling motor in one hand weedeater throttle in the other.
Just don't fall out of the boat.
Outside the box a little, but these like lilly pads. Get you one of them and they would clean your big ol' pond right up.

I bought a McCullough 35 years ago and attached a 4 bladed brush cutter disc to it rather than the regular line storage head. It would be perfect for your application. What's there to tear up? A bearing and some screw threads.

A thought would be to take the blade off after each usage and stick the head in a bucket of oil, like hyd oil....light and cheap..... and run it for a couple of minutes.

I'd attach one of those clamp on fishing rod holders to the gunwale of your boat and just set it in it. If you want to get fancy, move the switch to a button on the floor and operate it with your foot. Then one hand to steer the trolling motor, other for steering the weedeater, and the foot to control the speed.....could add a second button on the floor to control the trolling motor.

Wouldn't take much to rig up a push button on a block of wood and add some wiring.
greybeard":236agt86 said:
Thanks, I'll try the weedeater. I can't see me repeatedly throwing an 8 lb cutter and pulling it back "in short jerky motions" down nearly 1000' of channel.

If you tear the Weedeater up just bring it by sometime and I will fix it..........

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