Space required for steer - graining period preslaughter

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Apr 13, 2005
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Springfield, Oregon
We've taken a steer out of our herd and are keeping him in a pen about 400 sf. This space was arbitrary - our objective was to have him conserve energy and gain weight.

What is the correct amount of space for this 900-1000# steer while we grain/hay him.
have no idea whatyour set up is but i hate seeing them in a muddy lot. I have twenty and am usually finishing 2 or three at a time. I have a small catch pen right by my pasture entry. I set up the feed for those three and they line up to get in , the others know after a couple of days they aren't getting in there. i let them eat while I'm filling water tanks and such. Works for me just fine and I don't have a nasty lot to take care of.
Yup I think the pen size is adequate. I like the idea of keeping it clean and under roof. a dirty, manury animal is a harder job for the butcher and less appetizing.
i think it is 400-500 sqft on a dirt lot and 40 sqft if they are constantly on cement and then 150 it there is part dirt part cement

twistedxranch, it pays to keep them out of the mud, you can loose about 20% of your rate of gain if the are knee deep in mud, 25-35% if they are belly deep, 20-25% if the mud is above the hock, 15-25% if it is below the hock, 7-15% if its at the shin, and 0-7% if its at dew claw, jsut saying you should look if you can keep them out of the mud and you might have even better gains. Just a thought though
Yeah I read that here recently in a magazine. I havent seen it as they go through about 3 tons of feed a week.[/quote]

They go through the feed, but what is the conversion and what is the ADG?