Soybeans for cows

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where at in NC , I too have some soybeans I should consider putting the cows on. I know they aint worthy of a combine.
Sampson County , NC
Hold on folks - soybean meal is a far different thing from whole raw soybeans.

I feed whole raw beans in the fall - the stuff that does not make grade - straight from the combine - never allow them more than a pound or two per day when I have the stuff - there is a problem with the oil in the soybean. Forget the name of the problem but basically it slows or stops the rumen from working if consumed in large quantities.

Whole soybeans are a potential trouble maker if care is not taken - therefore we never graze it. Cows being cows will always eat too much of a good thing.

Do not grind whole raw soybeans unless it is to be fed out immediately - the oil goes rancid.

I suspect others will have more to say - look forward to the imput.

Better to make bean hay if you have that poor of a crop. Bez is correct - you can feed a small % beans ( 20 or less) and get some gain on the high fat content - sepecially good pre-breeding on cows/heifers.
Down south somethimes what farmers will do is grow soybeans and turn out commercial cows on the beans until it is gone. Then they repeat the process they do that with rice to.