Soybean price drop

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hurleyjd":11rqf9bs said:
True Grit Farms":11rqf9bs said:
hurleyjd":11rqf9bs said:
Boat builders around the USA, hog farmers in Ohio, whiskey makers in Kentucky, coal miners every where, petroleum producers in Texas. This list could go on and on. Other countries will take on the market left by the tariffs and it will become a permanent between them and China. IBM will be moving and setting up in the EU area because of the tariffs 13500 employees reported. Could be that feed costs for livestock producers will come down as other cost inputs we have should make selling our $75 cwt calves sustainable.
Sustainable? We were on the path to destruction " communism " the ship is still sinking but the bilge pumps are working.
Which would be better communism or fascism. Which are we closet to here in America.


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