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Brad B

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Oct 10, 2004
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North AL
Any of you ever fed soy hull pellets? I'm trying to put some weight back on my cows that have the scouring problem. They are all heavy bred, should drop within the next month. I want to feed enough to at least keep the cows gaining some. I don't want to overfeed and cause the calf to get too large before it's born. I started feeding Monday, and have been feeding about 7 1/2 lbs per cow. Is this about the right amount?
The attached site has feed values for various feeds. Download the pdf file.

Our standard grain ration is about 30% soy hull pellets and about 35% corn gluten pellets. Soy pellets run around 12% protein where corn gluten runs over 20%. Makes them pretty squirty but they do gain well on it. There is sometimes a palatability issue with corn gluten, some cows just don't seem to like the taste.

Thanks dun,

That's one reason I'm feeding the soy hulls. The anit-squirty factor. :lol: These poor girls need all the help in that department right now that they can get. These hulls are supposed to be 8-9% protein. I haven't had them checked, but that's a pretty big difference with the ones you posted about.
That's one of the problems with taking standard values at face values. There is alwasy a variation and sometimes I wonder if the people doing the testing either a) know what they're doing or b) can't read the results. Alos I suppose different testing methods would probably return different values.
The surest method is still the analysis of the individual batch

I agree. I about fell out of my chair when I looked on the link you provided and saw Coastal Bermuda hay as 10% CP. The only time we had ours checked it ran 14%.

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