Southeast Classic Sale

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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
We will be hauling three lots to the Southeast Classic sale on May 20th. I snapped a couple of photos of the sale cattle today. I will have to listen to the boss moan about having to clip them for the next two weeks, he hates clipping. The man will do all the other cow chores with no complaint but not clipping.

D23 is a BC Matrix bull calf reg# 18760271 his dam 1134 is out of one of my favorite cows, this calf is bred for maternal excellence.

D14 is a Paxton bull calf reg# 18760270 his dam is a 6149 daughter that traces back to our foundation Blackcap cow 239C.

I will try to get a few more pictures when we get them penned up and clipped.


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