South Devon bulls -- 2/28/04 sale (Texas)

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We don't usually see many South Devon bulls for sale in Texas. But if any of you Texans want to take a look at a few South Devon bulls you may want to go to the all breed bull sale at Four County Livestock Auction in Industry, Tx. on 2/28/04. This will be the semi-annual sale of the test station bulls from the Navasota testing station. Of course most of the bulls to be sold will be Angus, Brangus and Charolais but they will be selling three South Devons sired by Leachman Prime Time 9859G. There will also be some Limos and a small number of Maines, Simmi, Simbrah and Brahman. No Herefords, Shorthorn, Beefmaster or Gerts.
Go along and have a look at South Devon they are top cattle with an enormous untapped future. You get extreme docility,good milking ability,growth rate way ahead of many breeds. They cross well with any breed.
We breed pure South Devons and cross them over Angus,Hereford,Black Baldies,Brahman and Charolais and are immensely happy with our breeding program.
There are many breeders in the US who will show you their herds or help you get started. :D

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