something in throat?

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Mar 16, 2004
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we have 2 yr old filly that started losing wt.was still eating and drinking but still perky, (last week) today she started bleeding out her mouth so we called the vet. temp,heart and lungs are normal,still crapping normal, no problems with teeth or gums. After a conference call they are thinking something is stuck in her esophogus, maybe wire. Anyway we are getting xrays in the morning but other than some banamine haven't done anything else yet. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem
:D :D Turned out to be an infection cuased by(get this) toncillitis. There is a real name lymphid phylicular hyperplasia(i have no idea how to spell that.
yes it was. I was looking at a couple thousand in vet bills and travel to get to a "modern"clinic so I called an older vet for a second opinion... He suspected the LFH and told me that it is indeed very common,just that most young horses don't have a real problem. For those that do,they just need to be babied till they get through it. :D

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