Something followed me home from the sale barn

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These two followed me home today. Second week in a row where I got 2 cows 8 months bred for $1,500 each. I seem to be developing a pattern. These two will get a brand, vaccinated, and a new ear tag then out to general population. This will make 72 cows out there. 9 of B's and 63 of mine. 2 of B's have calves. 22 of my have calves. We need another 18 cows. I plan to buy 3 or 4 more. B's cowboys will sort off the rest out of his feed rows.

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They look like they will pay for themselves.
The man who ran the local sale barn until recently was very much like a grandpa to me. I'd often tell him if I was looking for a new bull and he'd keep an eye out for one. He knew what I wanted and would only select one from someone who he knew well and trusted. If you've got a relationship with someone like that, I definitely have no problem with sale barn bulls.
They look like they will pay for themselves.
As long as they don't die I will be good. Mid August when the cows leave I will have just about $1,700 a head into them. If we have last year's prices and the cows hang up 50% of their current weight that is $1,338. Today 485 pound heifers sold for $2.80. Steers were more. But using those heifer numbers it is $1,358 for the calf. So $2,696 at current prices. That is $4 off $1,000. That leaves a lot of down side room and still be in the black.