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Some summer fun with Simmis!

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Jun 12, 2012
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Well, our show season is about over for us. We have had a fun year! I thought I would upload a few photos, since I love taking pictures...

Nationals was great; we went to Mississippi. I just have one picture from there, this is Windy. She is sired by HPF Optimizer, and has done really well this year and last. She placed second in her class in MS. She is due the first of October to Elevate, the Genex bull.

We just got home from our BIG district fair, Ozark Empire Fair. Our kids show in the junior division, then we try our hand in the Open division against the big breeders. We had a really great show! Our American Pride sired bull won Champion Purebred bull in the junior division:

And Reserve Champion Simmental Bull against the big breeders! Our son was super happy!

Getting the official winning handshake!

This is our son, having fun, with his bull. Notice he is not holding on to the bull (late September born), but just scratching his brisket. That bull LOVED it! He is a maternal brother to the heifer our son shows, Windy.

Here he is showing his heifer, Windy. She placed third in her class at OEF.

(image copied off the official website, thus has a water mark on it).

He took Windy and the bull in the Produce of Dam class and won first place! Hard not to with the champion bull and a heifer that placed in the top in her class.

This little heifer we just weaned Sunday, only a few days before the fair. We decided she looked pretty good, and she did! She is a January 17 3/4 blood sired up Upperclass and out of a In Dew Time donor. She placed second both days.

This picture is our son (and daughter) fitting the heifer above for class. I am super proud that my kids do the work, it is THEIR project. They are not afraid to ask for help if they need to, but they take pride in doing it themselves.

And, to top it all off.... we won the Breeders Group class! Basically, you take in your best 6 head, and compete. I forgot to mention that we had a cow calf pair there that won Champion both days (junior and Open), and her bull calf (A January Uno Mas sired calf) won Champion Percentage bull in the junior show and was 3rd overall in the Open show.

Next, State Fair in two weeks.... then back to school. Been fun so far! Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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Apr 28, 2014
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Congratulations. Great cattle. That top heifer is very good. Enjoyed the pics. And like to see kids doing the work and receiving the reward.


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Nov 21, 2015
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looks like its been a good showing season! congratulations!


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Sep 28, 2012
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True Grit Farms":m80onqg6 said:

They definitely look good, job well done. I just can't shake this image.

I'm with you. I have no problem showing them if you're going to keep them, but it's got to be hard on the little ones with steers. If our son ever chooses to show cattle it will be heifers we want to keep.

Great job with the fair FS!!! Nice looking cattle, I'd be proud of them and the kids!

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