Some Replacement Heifer Pictures

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Sep 22, 2013
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Alberta, Canada
Haven't been on here much lately, still lurk quite a bit just haven't had anything to post. Was a nice sunshiny day yesterday so I took the camera out and took some pictures of the replacement heifers. They were feeling frisky (as usual).

First thing they did was come rushing over to see what I was doing. Of course there would be one of the ugliest greenfeed bales heaped up in their feeder to make the background look not look as nice...oh well, I thought they were still some good pictures. I get a kick out of how frisky and silly they act sometimes.





Of course as soon as I leave my 'horse' there's a whole crowd seeing what they can chew and slobber on...


The dog & his friends

Some thought they would pose for some individual shots, so of course I had to oblige them:

Red Angus girls




Some Black Angus heifers:



This heifers dam turned 18 a couple months ago. She's not the prettiest or 'best' heifer in the group but I have no doubt she will be a good one.

We should start getting some calves any day now. Not due to the 24th, but usually always have a couple by the 16-17th of March. I'm getting excited! And maybe a teeny bit impatient... :)

As always thanks for letting me share!
Great cattle. If red 127 has calves with as little heads as her, she'll never have calving problems
farmboy80":2pwbku4l said:
Great group of heifers.
What are the bred to? You said their due on the 24th, so I'm guessing you ai'd them?

Sorry - I wasn't very clear. Our cows are due to start on the 24th. These are just yearling heifers. We don't do any AI, bulls will be turned out around June 15th. All will be bred to either Red or Black Angus.

limftw":2pwbku4l said:
Nice group of ladies. Also that looks like one heck of a cowdog haha!
"Oats" is something else. :lol: :lol: I'm pretty sure he thinks he is part bovine. How he doesn't get stepped on is beyond me. He goes in the bull pen and they bunt him around and chase him bucking & snorting all over the place and the silly dog just loves it. I like to think they keep each other entertained & exercised!

King of the castle is one his favorite games:


Thanks for the nice comments guys! I love my girls!
great pictures.. of the dog too! I know the impatience of getting some calves on the ground.. .especially this time of year when everyone is posting pictures of theirs!

My yearling heifers are BOOOORRREEED.. any reason to kick up their heels is welcome.. Sigma is especially excitable.. I'll walk away from her and suddenly there's snorting and grunting behind me.
Nice looking group, would be interested in hearing how your operation works in the sense of what gets bred to what.
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the pics.

Lazy M":2p5h0rdk said:
Great cattle. If red 127 has calves with as little heads as her, she'll never have calving problems
I'm assuming you mean the top RA girl - her tag is D-Y-P 27. The one below is also a 27 but D-Z-X-S. Most people have a hard time with our tagging system - too many cows with the same number (ie. there is currently 6 #27 cows, you have to use the year letters to differentiate them. It can definitely get confusing, but it's what the family has used for years and it works for us. I like it as I can look at a glance and know a good portion of the pedigree without looking anything up. Both those red heifers would go back to the original 27 cow that the grandparents bought back in the late eighties. The 27 cow line overall is VERY easy calving. Calves from that cow line usually come small regardless of what bull they are sired by.

KNERSIE":2p5h0rdk said:
Nice looking group, would be interested in hearing how your operation works in the sense of what gets bred to what.
Thanks Knersie. We are kind of a mixed operation. About half the herd is purebreds. Main goal is to produce easy calving, low birthweight (70-85lbs) bulls guys can use on heifers. The past few years we have had more guys looking for cow bulls so we try to keep one sire group that has a bit more bw & performance, but still easy calving.
The Canadian Angus Assoc. allows Black & Red to be bred to each other, but generally we just breed reds to red and blacks to black. Most guys looking for Black bulls prefer they don't carry red. Unfortunately a lot of our RA cows aren't papered (even though they have been ran as a purebred herd for almost 30 years). The grandparents had the Reds and did not keep up the registrations which at the time didn't seem important but now it sure would be nice if they had. But it is what it is. We generally sell between 40-50 bulls a year mostly to repeat customers. We kept 20 or so extra purebred heifers this past year with the intention of selling them as breds or maybe as pairs...not totally sure yet what we are doing with them. I just know that our purebred angus heifer calves going through the auction market do not bring as much as the commercial calves. Bred Angus cows seem to sell quite well though and we already have a solid reputation for easy calving bulls so I think we should be able to figure out a way to get a little more value from our heifers.

The rest of the herd is commercial crossbred cows. Last year we used a tan Char & a couple of angus bulls on the commercials. Will probably run 2 tan bulls & 1 black on the commercials this year. We keep some commercial heifers, but most will end up being sold in November with the steers. I'm getting too long winded so I'll stop there.

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