Some folks will do anything to win, and still lose.

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Not to get political and get this locked but the corruption is almost unbelievable.
I almost made a crack about the clinton mafia but thought better of it.

Best comparison I can make this. Just found out that the neighbor's boy has a drug problem. The counselor they were trying to use told them, EVERYTHING he says is a lie, EVERYTHING. If he says' the sky is blue, he's lying- it's probably night.
So the boy will be going on a surprise get away pretty soon.

Seems like power is a drug for some worth lying for. Russian's hacked us... Seth was robbed but nothing was stollen... and the list goes on and on. They could use a surprise get away.

By the way, there is close to a couple of hours that Seth wasn't accounted for that night- the robbers were probably just going through his pockets... and still missed his wallet, what are the chances? ... -murdered/

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