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Oct 17, 2007
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Went home for Thanksgiving and weaned and sold calves for my Mother. Talked to a friend who sold his calves to a local guy who buys weaning calves and yearlings. He came to look at them and said he would give $92 straight across for heifers and steers no shrink or slide. Sorted them from their mothers the next morning and he hauled them that afternoon and thirteen of them averaged 664. :banana: 9 steers and 4 heifers. The local market yesterday was 660-675 brought 82.00-87.50 for steers and heifers was 605-645 brought 73.00-76.00.
We were really pleased with price considering what the local markets have been. I am not real good at guessing weights but I thought they would weigh around 580 to 600. When he said he would give 92.00 I said we will have the gathered tomorrow. Plus we didnt have hauling or commission. Commission and yardage is about $25.00 a hd. So on 13 hd we would have paid around $375 for commission and hauling.
yes you really made another $30 a hd.but thats cash money you wont see.because that was money you saved.
Selling direct to a local buyer is a good idea. It is usually a good deal for both buyer and seller. The buyer gets an advantage in that the calves are not co-mingled with others at the sale facility. I recently sold a few head of registered calves that I was culling. Averaged 540 lb and got a $1/lb. These were good calves, weaned, two rounds of vac. for about everything but lower end of weaning weights so I didn't want to keep. I think buyer came out good and so did I.
denoginnizer":2he2vx4d said:
Can I get that guys name and number :lol2:
Shipping might cut into profit.

I think more people should contact local buyers. For savings on commission and yardage. That guy buys about 2500 calves a year for his use. He said he would like to buy all his calves straight off the farm. I told four other freinds about him and he bought their calves also.

Blacksnake sounds like you done good on your calves also.

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