Soil Tests after Bale Grazing ?

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
When I do the soil chemistry testing after bale grazing - - I see moderate P values (23-39 ppm) but very high K values (400-600 ppm). Ph is running about 7. Have you seen high K values only after bale grazing, and what do you think could be the causes?
First off define bale grazing. Do you mean you bale a field and later turn the cows in on the finished bales you dropped in the field and let lie? Or is it non productive field with bales deposited as is the case for winter feeding?

K around here always shows high in the soil samples: Houston Black Clay, slightly alkaline. If you do your test (prep) correctly and don't put steel to the pasture, I don't see how what you put on top will affect the test to any great extent....course I'm not with the ag. extension service. Might pose that question to your local ag. university extension service.
Bale grazing is placing bales in a grid pattern for feeding to get manure deposited on a field that needs more fertility.

Legume contains about 4 lb K for every lb of P, but I think there is also some tie up of P. The soil scientists tell us P tie up varies with the type of clay.

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